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This week is a bit of a throw back for me, but there's nothin' wrong with that! Summer always finds me playing more mobile games than usual. Maybe its because I tend to travel more in the summer, or maybe its because they're easier to play while sitting outside with friends. In any case, Burly Men at Sea is the perfect summertime mobile game. You can sit down and play it for just a moment, or you can play it for an extended period of time. The branching storytelling lends itself to replayability, and the wonderfully minimalistic design is easy on the eyes. I love that it feels like you're playing through a folktale. And I absolutely ADORE the soundtrack, its one of my top three albums of all time. How can you NOT love a song titled "The Brothers Seal" when it revolves around barks and woofs as the melody? What can I say, I'm a sucker for acapella style music.

On an entirely different note, I decided to try a wine subscription box this summer from Winc! In my first box, I got a gem of a pinot noir called Folly of the Beast. I saw the label and immediately knew I had to pair it with something. Just look at that label. Its so indicative of a story! Now this was a challenge because usually I do my pairings the other way around. I play a game, think about what kind of wine it would pair well with, and then I'm off to the store searching for something suitable. But this was a fun experiment, because I was brainstorming games instead. So I ran around asking my friends (and my library) what ocean themed games there were out there to pair with Folly of the Beast. I got some suggestions for Obra Dinn and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but in the end I realized I knew the answer all along. I was pairing it with one of my favorite little games of all time, Burly Men at Sea. The pinot noir is medium bodied with a bit of spice and wonderfully jammy notes, kind of like Burly Men at Sea! I love these two together not only because of the names, but because I think they'd both be enjoyed in a still, quiet, contemplative setting. Whether your summer weekends find you chilling at a lakehouse, relaxing on a beach, or sitting by a campfire...I recommend trying out this pairing.

What are some of your favorite mobile games? What game would you pair with a wine like Folly of the Beast? Let me know in the comments!

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