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Now this pairing? This is a special pairing. Why is that you ask? Because its the second IP from my very own studio, Bread Machine. This psychedelic slam dunkin' brawler is the brain child of my very dear friends Mike Roushey (coder extraordinaire) and Bryan Williams (expert artiste and animator). I even helped out a little bit on some of the alternate character skins! This game was born out of a strong love for fighting games, and I think that shows. There's a number of fun characters to play as, a mysterious Blue Man who passes judgement on your efforts, and an incredible vividly colorful and surreal world to play in. I have so much love for this game, these characters, and this world, I hope that you feel even an inkling of that if you decide to pick it up!

I knew I wanted a sparkling wine to celebrate with for this game, but I also knew it had to be a little different. A white sparkling wine felt too fancy and clean for this game. And thus, I learned that red sparkling wine exists. I went for the lambrusco, specifically this Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Amabile, and I'm pleased as punch that I did. This sparkling red is absolutely delicious, its bursting with fruity and earthy flavors that are just as vivacious as Slam Land. We toasted the launch of our game with Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco and it was said that this would most certainly be a river flowing through the world of Slam Land. Oh and I also made blue cupcakes with blueberry jelly filling and peanut butter frosting for the honor peanut mode and the almighty Blue Man!

Slam Land is available now on Switch, Steam and PS4! Cheers and enjoy!!!

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