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What a nice way to spend a Sunday! Donut County is an absolute pleasure. Charming designs, fun puzzles, amusing characters and an excellent soundtrack. I'll have you know that the OST is now on my go-to list of albums, and that is a very small and curated list. I never imagined how enjoyable it would be to play as a hole in the ground, but it is really, truly enjoyable. I love the simplicity of this game, and the story is short and sweet with good morals. If you have time, I highly recommend reading this article, which talks about Ben Esposito and the "...process of realizing that you're being a jerk." It's a really on point topic for this game. I highly recommend Donut County to anyone who has an appreciation for off the beaten path indies, or know...anyone who likes good games in general.

For me, fall is a time for chardonnays. They're oaky, toasty, and semi-sweet with flavors that remind me of pumpkin pie, butternut squash, and warm baked goods. They just seem like the perfect autumnal wine. In addition to that, I feel that they are a go-to pairing for plain glazed donuts (as featured above and in game). So of course, I set out to find a lovely chardonnay to pair with Donut County. Belcreme de Lys Chardonnay is just that wine. Its creamy with notes of vanilla, butter, pineapple and a little bit of oak. Plus its made in California, which is where Donut County takes place! I also love this pink label. Its a tad bit fancy and reminds me of that wonderfully sassy "Have a garbage day" slide that appears at the end of every level. Oh, and of course it went very well with my vanilla glazed donut!

Do you have a favorite fall wine? What wine would you pair with your favorite donut? Tell me in the comments below!

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