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Charterstone has been one of those games that I'll constantly wish I could go back to in the years to come. Back in February, I was looking for a legacy game of my own that I could start with a group of friends. I went to the local game store and mulled around the games, asking two different employees for recommendations and their thoughts. It was between Stuffed Fables and Charterstone know which one I decided to take the plunge with. I asked 5 of my dear friends to join me, and we played 12 incredible games together. We discovered new mechanics, we built up our town, and we made moral story choices that impacted the outcome of our game. I absolutely adore the art style and design of this game. It starts out so minimalistic, with cute spot illustrations dotting the board and only a few basic rules. But over time, more and more rules get added on to form a robust strategic experience, and the town fills out with wonderfully illustrated little stickers. I truly loved my experience with this game. It has been my favorite legacy game thus far in my board gaming journey.

Butternut Chardonnay's warm, sweet and comforting flavors remind me of the wonderful times spent in this game. With notes of creamy vanilla, butterscotch, oak and hazelnut, I feel it pairs perfectly with our little wood, pumpkin and wheat charters. I also really enjoy the similarity in typefaces between the wine label and the game's box. And of course, because its fall, I'm in the mood for cozy chardonnays that taste of toasty oak, butternut squash, and pumpkin. Butternut Chardonnay ticks all of the boxes and is delicious as well.

Have you played Charterstone? Whats your favorite legacy game? Do you have a favorite fall wine?


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