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Pairing Wine with Games...with Kurt Indovina!

There's nothing to make you feel like a celebrity more than being interviewed for a YouTube channel! For the past couple of months, I'd been hearing word of this new YouTube and social media personality guy named Kurt. My coworkers had made mention of him, I'd heard about him through our Rochester Game Dev group, and then I heard that my friend had told him about my new pet project (wine and game pairing). And apparently Kurt said he thought it was a great idea! Well, what do you know, he ended up contacting me and asking if I'd be interested in appearing on his channel. We met up to chat for a bit and I had a great time. Kurt is very charismatic and easily keeps a flow going in his conversations. Not to mention that we had plenty to talk about between our mutual love for wine, games and our city of Rochester. We decided that I'd do three pairings to talk about on his YouTube channel. He picked one (his favorite game of all time, Grim Fandango); I picked one (I wanted to include a board game since Kurt doesn't have much experience in that field...enter one of my favorites - Tokaido); and then I suggested a game that I know is at the top of both of our all time favorites list: Skyrim. Plus Skyrim is a popular game, so its an obvious choice! I had an absolute blast shooting this video with Kurt. He's such a talented guy, and he does an excellent job editing his videos and making a concise point while also being hilarious. Watch the video below to see how the pairings went!

Oh, and remember to check out Kurt's Instagram and Twitter too!

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