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I have never played a game in Sid Meier's Civilization series before Civilization 6...but that didn't stop me from becoming quickly obsessed. The Civilization series is referred to as a 4X game, meaning that you play as a nation determined to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate in order to become the world leader. This is easily now one of my favorite games to play, especially when I rally up a group of friends to compete with. It is the digital deluxe version of the board game that I've always wanted. You can choose from quite a large list of leaders and nations to play as, and each has varying perks that give you a different angle of strategy. Spread your religion, attract tourists with culture, pour research into science, or crush your opponents with can choose your own path to victory. In my very first game I chose to play as Ghandi of India and I accidentally won through the spread of my religion, Sacred Rainbow Crystalism. My opponent and I both had to take a second to realize what had happened. Building upon that anecdote, I cherish the new "historical" stories that are created with each playthrough. This game is a terrific strategic endeavor and it is a very fun game to challenge your friends with on a long (very long) Sunday afternoon. And did I mention that Sean Bean is the narrator?!

When I started to look for a wine to pair with Civ 6, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go with a white or a red. A white would work because it could represent the golden map that unravels as your civilization expands, but a red has the robust, savory flavors that just seem to go with a game of heavy strategy and planning. In the end, a red wine with a beautiful map label jumped out to me on the shelf...and upon sampling I knew it was a perfect pairing. On top of that, the wine is named for the Portuguese explorers who discovered the spice route to India (I know right? A wine named after exploration and's perfect!). So for Civ 6, I recommend drinking Silk and Spice 2015 Red Blend. For one, I love that the name goes along with luxury resources you can collect, but the smooth rich flavor is also excellent. Notes of lush, ripe dark berries, spices, and a subtle earthy oaky taste accompanies each sip of this delicious red. A fine pairing that I think any strategy gamer would enjoy, whether they're building an army or the Louvre.

Now excuse me while I take just one more turn...

What's your favorite way to win Civ 6? Are you excited for the Rise and Fall expansion? Would you pair it with a white or red...or maybe a rose? Comment below!

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