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I don't have a PC and I had heard about how great Stardew Valley was quite a while ago. So when I heard this sweet little farming game was finally coming out for PS4, I immediately hopped on the opportunity. Stardew Valley is, in a short, a masterpiece. Everything in the game (music, story, art, code, you name it) is designed by one man named Eric Barone. The game is simple enough on the surface: you have inherited a farm and you can now spend your days on the farm as you wish. But once you spend a few days on your new farm, you come to appreciate just how wide and fulfilling the world of Stardew Valley really is. I am a huge fan of quest fetching and task management, and I absolutely love the idea of owning your own little house and farm. So sinking into the simple life of tending a farm (and being a brave adventurer in the mines) was a welcome retreat after a busy and stressful few months.

To go with the theme of Stardew, I really wanted to find a local wine (luckily local for me means the Finger Lakes). After browsing through the New York aisle, I came upon Anthony Road. I loved the green watercolor label, it reminded me of the organic greens in my first seasons of Stardew. I went with the 2015 Pinot Gris, which ended up being delightful to sip along with those spring and summer seasons. Green grass, lots of ripe summery fruit, and minerality combine for a crisp and refreshing wine. I almost wish I had gotten around to this game and wine in the spring, but it gives me a sweet taste of those months I've been missing and looking forward to. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go build a deluxe coop and fill it with wooly bunnies.

What would you pair with Stardew Valley?

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