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Whenever I think about Firewatch, I think about the visuals first and foremost...and then I think about how mercilessly the story pulled at my heartstrings. Firewatch is a first person walking simulator that takes place in a Wyoming national forest. And that's pretty much all I knew about the game going in. I really like it when you pick up a game not knowing what exactly the plot will be, and it hits you harder than you expected it would. I had the emotional wind knocked out of me within 5 minutes of gameplay. This game focuses on the dialog between two people, and its amazing to witness the characters and relationship grow without seeing their faces. Games like Firewatch bring a new meaning to the world of video games. You're no longer navigating platforms and traps, you're sorting through the complicated and incredible experience of a story. Once it starts to snowball, there is nothing you can do but to keep playing and watching as it all unfurls before you. And on top of all that...have you seen this game!? I was stunned by the art direction and design, from the sharp logo and vintage feel to the incredible vista of the wilderness surrounding me on all sides.

When I decided to search for a wine to pair with Firewatch, I knew I wanted strong flavors of wood and smokiness. I did some research and found that a Californian Zinfandel could provide a promising answer. So I settled on Peachy Canyon's Incredible Red 2014 Zinfandel, and I think I made a pretty good choice! My first mouthful was very woody, which I swooned over. I loved every subsequent sip, leading into flavors of blackberry, clove, and caramelized sugar. This wine did a great job of complimenting the incredible experience that I had with Firewatch.

What would you pair with Firewatch? Any suggestions for other woody, smokey wines to share with friends over a campfire?

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