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Ahh my first wine and game pairing. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect match. I did this pairing back in August, and I had been looking forward to Abzu for most of the summer. I really enjoyed the beauty and quiet moments of Journey, so when I heard about a new underwater experience coming out from the same art director and musician I turned starry-eyed. I had just moved into a tiny new apartment and I was still feeling a little self conscious about the space and how much noise I was making. I knew that sinking into a game would help me feel a little bit more at home. So I pulled out my headphones, nestled into my papasan, swirled my glass of wine, and booted up the game. And wow was this a gorgeous game. I actually uttered a few ooos and ahhs while diving through the vibrant saturated reefs and sparkling temples.

Now for the wine: Sella & Mosca's 2015 La Cala Vermentino Di Sardegna. I read the description for the wine on the shelf and I couldn't even believe how spot on it was. The grapes for this wine grow in a cove by the sea, resulting in a fantastically balanced salinity in the wine (incredible). Bright and refreshing, this white also carries notes of tropical fruit and citrus. The slight taste of seabreeze matched perfectly with the theme of the game, and the fruits paired well with the bursts of bright color you'd expect to find in a tropical reef. It was absolutely perfect for sipping while exploring the extraordinary oceans of Abzu. I highly recommend this pairing for an evening that will impress with a sense of wonder.

What would you pair with Abzu? Can you think of another game that would pair well with this ocean-tastic wine?

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