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My name is Noelle!

I love wine, and I really love games. So obviously I enjoy drinking wine while playing games.

If you're like me, you may still be anxiously awaiting the arrival of smell-o-vision so that we can really submerge ourselves in our gaming experiences. My friends tell me I need to drop this idea...but I refuse to let it go despite all of the horrible implications that could come with it (I choose to focus on the scent of pine while riding through snowy Skyrim forests).

What does this have to do with wine? Well, when paired well, maybe you'll be able to taste that starfruit that Sora keeps talking about in Kingdom Hearts, or maybe you'll be able to catch that light grassy smell of summer in Stardew Valley. So for now, perhaps we can sniff and sip some wines and treat our senses to a little bit more of the world we are playing through. Whether its sipping the darkest Petite Sirah you've ever seen while struggling through Dark Souls, or you've found a crowd pleasing rice wine to present to your Sushi Go group, I aim to level up our game time with a nice glass of wine.

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